ePay is a next generation Cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum blockchain that utilizes the ERC-1363 Protocol. ePay plans on cutting transaction costs and making worldwide Ethereum based transactions more feasible and accessible for every day users. We plan on doing this by utilizing the ERC-1363 contract & our own private oracles to keep transactions fees low & fast. Utilizing this technology we will be able to implement our own POS system (Point of Sale) that will allow vendors to accept a vanity of Ethereum based cryptocurrencies instantly into a stable token for fraction of what it would normally cost.

With multiple functions added onto the code, EthereumPay plans on not only utilizing PoS (Proof of Stake) but also being a deflationary token.

The EthereumPay Token

The ePay Token has multiple purposes.

  • It will be used as a currency due to its transaction scalability and low fees
  • Used as a utility token to access tools such as our merchant POS system
  • Used to pay for fees
  • Held for POS