EthereumPay (EPAY)

EthereumPay (ePay) is a decentralized ERC-1363 payable token built on the secure Ethereum network. it was built to specifically tailor to crypto transactions involving e-commerce. EthereumPay will create a universal payment platform that allows merchants & users around the world to do business with each other instantly and cheaper than ever.

The Future Is ePayTech

ePayTech will cut transaction costs making worldwide Ethereum-based transactions more feasible and accessible for every day users. We plan on doing this by utilizing the ERC-1363 contract and our own private oracles to keep transaction fees low & fast. Utilizing this technology, we will be able to implement our own POS system into a stable token for a fraction of the cost


ePayProtocol is the protocol we created that allows us to utilize ERC-1363 and xDai side chains to get near-instant transaction for pennies. With this protocol, you can create a crypto invoice system, crypto subscription service, payment gateway and a token-payable crowd sale that is easy to use and implement.